Two Worlds II

Reality Pump (Shareware)

Two Worlds II is an action role-playing game that was released in 2010. It is the sequel for the game Two Worlds, which was released in 2007. Players take the role of a character to explore a fantasy world and complete quests. At the start of the game, players can customize their character by choosing the face, body, clothes, etc. Players can improve their character and level them up by completing quests and defeating enemies. Reward points that are received can be spent on the four stats of the character – endurance, accuracy, willpower, and strength. Players must also scour for resources that can be useful throughout the game. This can be done by picking up items while exploring, buying items from vendors or by looting from killed enemies. Items can be used for creating other items, upgrading weapons, and making potions.

Players can roam around the world and explore freely. However, there may be some places where strong enemies appear. In this case, players may opt to level up the character first before visiting that place again. The character explores the land on foot, but there are other traveling options later in the game including riding a horse or using a boat to get to another island.

Two Worlds II is also available in multiplayer mode, but players must create a new character and start the game from scratch. The character created in multiplayer mode cannot be used in the single-player campaign and vice versa.