TwistedBrush Pro Studio 19.18

Pixarra (Shareware)

TwistedBrush Pro Studio is a graphics tool that offers a collection of brushes for different art mediums like oils, pastels, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, charcoal, and others. All in all, artists can make use of more than 5000 brushes for digital art. Additionally, users can purchase and download additional brushes, such as masking brushes, blenders, cloners, impressionistic brushes, and utility brushes. After launching the program, the application provides an introduction on its basic features.

The program’s main window displays all the tools for editing. The command buttons are placed at the top portion of the window. The left hand side of the window shows the different brushes and their settings. The main part of the window is where users can apply the changes. Other features of the TwsitedBrush Pro Studio program are listed below:

• Support for drawing tablet – the program is also effective for drawing tablets as users can control the pressure when drawing or applying effects to the image
• Tracing paper – the tracing paper can be used for creating a perfect outline from another image
• Drawing guides – the application offers more than 40 drawing guides, such as 3D perspectives and snap grids
• Brush modifiers – these tools allow users to change the brush size, shape, texture, and color of the brushes
• Support for several image formats – aside from TBR (TwistedBrush format), the program also supports JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCD, and more.