Twidium 5.4

Twidium (Shareware)

Twidium, also known as Twidium Inviter, is an application used for increasing the user’s number of followers on the social media platform, Twitter. The program is useful for users who are new to Twitter and for those who use Twitter as a marketing tool. The application is simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy. The program utilizes mass following in order to increase the number of the user’s followers. It automatically sends out Twitter invitations to accounts that are related to the user’s account. The program’s key features are listed below:

• Unfollowing – The program is capable of unfollowing Twitter accounts that do not follow the user’s account.
• Proxy – It has proxy support so users can make use of proxy servers to avoid the limits set by Twistter.
• List of Following – With this feature, users can select different Twitter accounts that have topics similar to that of the user’s account. Users must set a criteria and the program displays different accounts that are similar.
• Smart Following – This feature searches through different accounts and looks for keywords that match the user’s searches to find accounts that are similar.
• Automatic – Users just need to set up the program once and all other tasks can be executed automatically.