TweetDeck 2.1.0

Twitter Inc. (Shareware)

TweetDeck is a dashboard program that is used for social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. With the application, users can monitor their social networking accounts without having to open each website on a web browser window. The program’s interface is customizable. It shows updates in the form of columns. Users can also set filters for the accounts in order to prioritize updates from certain contacts. Updates that are displayed in the window include status messages, direct Twitter messages, and Facebook comments. One of the features of the program is scheduled tweets. With this feature, users can compose tweets in advance and published them at a specified time.

Users must sign up and create a TweetDeck account in order to user the service. Twitter accounts cannot be used with the application. There are different types of columns on the interface. These include Home, Inbox, Scheduled, and Me. There are also account-specific columns like Timeline, Interactions, Lists, Messages, Trends, and many more. The arrangement of the columns on the window can be arranged according to the user’s liking. Users can also cross-post tweets to various networking accounts and post to Facebook accounts.

Users can manage unlimited social networking accounts using the TweetDeck application. The software can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and Android, too.