TweakVI 1.0 build 1160

Totalidea Software (Shareware)

TweakVI is a software which allows users to customize, tweak and optimize the different features of Windows Vista. Tweaking is the process by which a complex system is adjusted or fine-tuned. It is comprised of small changes which “trim” the system for the user to maximize its purpose. As a system utility, it is a collection of smaller utilities focused primarily on five main chapters: “System Information and Tweaks,” Miscellaneous Tweaks,” “Visual Tweaks, ”Internet Tweaks,” and “Utilities.” A backup needs to be stored prior to making any changes with this software.

The five categories which TweakVI works on are intuitive in their purpose. System Tweaks and Information is where the user can check and modify settings related to their hard disks and CPU. Miscellaneous Tweaks allows users to change the settings for the system folder, mouse, media player and Windows Vista restrictions. With this, users can decide which areas of the system and the software will be accessible. “Visual Tweaks” is concerned with visual elements so this is used for making changes related to the Start Menu, Desktop, Fonts, and wallpapers. Lastly, the “Internet Tweaks” allows users to make changes on their settings for Internet Explorer and Firefox with the main objective of organizing and hastening the browsing experience.