TweakShell for, Inc (Proprietary)

Stardock’s Object Desktop allows PC users to manage how their operating systems look and behave. It is a suite of desktop tools and applications designed to enable users to enhance the appearance and speed up the functionality of Windows. Some of its core programs include WindowBlinds and IconPackager. One of the smaller applications that comes with IconPackager is TweakShell, a robust shell editor that enable users to safely fine-tune or “tweak” many hidden features in Windows for faster performance.
Some of TweakShell’s features include:
• It allows user-customization of certain aspects of the desktop interface like the start menu, icons, fonts, and shortcuts.
• It can assign which programs run on startup and which ones to prevent from launching.
• It can fine-tune hidden Windows functionality to improve performance and program access time.
• It can assign the default settings that the shell should start with.

When TweakShell first starts up, the initial screen displays some recommendations to improve performance on the user’s system and the tweaks that are available. These enhancement recommendations are updated without any complicated system set-ups or changes. By taking advantage of Window’s system restore capability, any changes that the users make can easily be undone. The users can try out different settings which can be undone should the results be unsatisfactory to said users.