Elcor Software (Shareware)

TweakRAM is a memory management program developed by the company, Elcor Software. It allows users to enhance their computer’s Ram speed by cleaning up the computer’s memory. Through this program, RAM is optimized to lessen the instances of crashing and to provide free space for applications that are actually beneficial to the user. It displays the CPU information, ongoing processes, currently running applications, and memory usage on the computer. Some programs continue to occupy memory even after being closed, and TweakRAM addresses this by removing the closed altogether.

The program’s graphical user interface is sleek and contains various graphs and statistics. The main window features a Go button that instantly activates the RAM cleaning process. In the Memory tab, users can choose to free PC memory automatically, provided that they first configure the usage level. TweakRAM’s most distinctive feature is its memory defragmentation process, which fixes programs with scattered code instead of having the CPU do a code lookup. This process also restores memory leaks from ill-behaving applications and temporarily flushes unnecessary libraries. In the event that the flushed information becomes relevant in the future, the program reloads it to RAM. Apart from memory defragmentation, TweakRAM also comes with a toolkit that detects certain data about the CPU.