TweakMASTER PRO 3.14

Hagel Technologies Ltd. (Shareware)

TweakMASTER PRO is an upgrade of the Internet optimization software, TweakMASTER.  Developed by Hagel Technologies, Ltd., the program is geared towards improving the speed of a user’s Internet connection, thus providing a better online experience.

TweakMASTER PRO provides faster Internet speed for different connections, including wireless, cable, DSL, and even dial-up.  It offers the following features:

• Improved download speed - It takes considerably less time to download programs, applications, audio and video files, and more.
• Faster website loading - It is easier to visit websites, even those that present heavy graphics.  Moreover, with the TweakMASTER LinkFox, users can pre-load Web pages, making them more convenient to access when needed.
• ISP disconnect prevention - This takes out the inconvenience of getting disconnected.
• Other features - The program offers other features that make Internet usage hassle-free, including network connections viewer, PC clock synchronization utility, troubleshooting tools and advanced diagnostics, and more.

Moreover, the program’s DU Meter allows users to monitor their bandwidth as well as the flow of data in the computer’s network.  The company’s DU Meter is an award-winning utility that produces either graphical or numerical reports in real time, and presents individual users and corporate managers with logging records, usage, network activities, alerts, and more.