- Windows Repair 1.9.13 (Freeware)

Windows Repair is a system repair program developed by This program provides all the necessary tools to repair various Windows problems such as registry issues, host file issues, and more. The program features a wizard-like interface that guides users throughout the entire repairing and cleaning process. Users only have to follow a series of steps to fix all the detected Windows errors.

The wizard interface offers five steps when cleaning and repairing the Windows system utilities. The first four steps are provided to prepare for the fixing process. It starts with cleaning the system of possible infections. It does this by inspecting and scanning the system for possible infections. All detected infections are cleaned automatically. The second step is checking the file system. This step enables the program to check hard drive systems. The third step is checking the system file, or simply System File Check, while the fourth step is system restore then registry backup. The last step is where all the fixing and repairing happens. The program provides three types of repair modes – Basic, Advanced, and Custom. The Basic mode offers basic repair settings while the Advanced mode offers more sophisticated utilities for repairing Windows system utilities. The last mode, Custom mode, allows users to select particular areas to fix.