- Advanced System Tweaker (Freeware)

The Advanced System Tweaker is a program created for speeding up and improving a computer's system. It contains tweaks that can be applied to the system. Tweaks are small changes done on a system to improve it. The tweaks are executed through commands, vbscript files, and registry files.

The Advanced System Tweaker has more than 37 tweaks installed. These tweaks include enhancements applied to the networking and interface. It also contains tweaks that can speed-up Explorer as well as optimization tools for the computer’s memory. The software also allows for Add-ons, which can be downloaded to provide more functionality. Aside from this, users can also create new tweaks. It contains lines and frame containers for this feature.

The program also offers a transparent view of its actions. When choosing a tweak, the program gives a little explanation on how it plans to execute a particular tweak. Through the Detailed Information bar, the program will even go as far as to show the Registry settings that will be applied by that particular tweak.

The Advanced System Tweaker lets the user run more than one tweak at a time. To user can choose to select many tweaks before running them. To use the program, simply browse through the list of installed tweaks and Add-ons, and run the tweaks selected.