Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

Tweak7, formerly called TweakVista, is an application that allows users to change the functions and settings of computers running on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It was first released in 2008. The program is ideal for beginners as it provides one-click functions for updates. Furthermore, the program offers enhancement recommendations for easier configuration.

Tweak7’s start-up management feature allows users to control all the applications that load during system start-up. The program also has a security handling feature for configuring security options on the system. Advanced users can utilize the services view feature in order to disable, stop, or start services straight from the program’s interface. More information on a service can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Get Info’ button. Another useful feature is the Host Process for Windows View, which displays the processes that can be seen in the Task Manager. This feature displays the processes that take up the most memory. Users can view information and disable the unnecessary processes to speed up the system’s performance.

Other features of the Tweak7 application are the following:
• Consists of dozens of tools for optimizing the system
• Ideal for both non-technical and advanced computer users
• Carbon footprint analysis
• Easy to use interface