Tweak Me! (Freeware)

Tweak Me! is a system utility developed by Wecode and released on February 2012. This program enables users to tweak and adjust some system settings and applications to improve the performance of the system. It does not require installation but it needs at least Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. However, even without installation, it creates a program file folder upon first run.

Tweak Me!’s user interface features a color-coordinated window that categorizes recommendations based on color. Green-coded recommendations are the most recommended tweaks , while red-coded recommendations should be done by experts or those not considered as newbies. Upon launch, the interface lists down the recommended tweaks with corresponding tick boxes to enable users to choose which tweaks to apply. To perform the tweaks, the user can click the Save and Exit button after choosing all their preferred tweaks. Some system tweaks require system restart so make sure to close other programs or save unfinished tasks before running the program. The program also creates a System Restore Point before performing a tweak so users need not worry in case the tweak malfunctions. They can always restore to a prior setting after running the program. This program also includes an integrated system cleaner that enables users to clean their system folders and files. This provides an additional security feature for the user.