TVTool (Proprietary)

TVTool is a program with multiple functions. This product is originally intended as a replacement for the problematic features of TV-Out. This application works by programming the TV chip, enabling it to make adjustments on the existing TV parameters. This program accomplishes numerous complex tasks for a streamlined and smooth sailing TV viewing.

Essentially TVTool is a program that facilitates better video card functioning when the operations involve a connection with the computer and the television. It has the capability to directly access the hardware. As a result, this program offers users with high quality DVD playback and full-screen viewing devoid of black borders. Users of TVTool can watch a video file on the television screen while the clip is being played on a computer. This utility allows the user to adjust various viewing parameters such as resolution, audio adjustments, resizing, visualization, as well as adjustments on brightness, saturation, and contrast settings.

TVTool’s main function is to adapt the output from nVidia graphics such that the user has complete control over the TV mode. There is no need for manual controls when this program is working. This utility works only with nVidia chipsets. TVTool support is available in the following models: MV, SAA7108(A), SAA7102, SAA7104, BT869, BT868, CH7003-7008, and  CX25870-5. This utility is designed to take control of multiple soundcards.