TVN VenueGen

The Venue Network Inc. (Proprietary)

TVN VenueGen is a communications application that makes use of the browser to connect participants. With this application, users can hold virtual meetings and interact with other participants using avatars in a three-dimensional environment. Users of this program can host and attend conferences, trainings, and meetings, as well as upload media such as sound bites, video presentations, and images into their virtual meetings rooms.

Users can upload a photo of their face and the application will turn this into a 3D model for use as avatar. Users can also choose from different clothing, hairstyles, and accessories so their avatars can resemble their real-life selves. The avatar face has a set of morph targets that allows users to control its facial expressions, and users can also control the nonverbal language such as body posture to communicate their thoughts and dispositions.

TVN VenueGen provides users with a variety of virtual meeting spaces, such as an executive office, a theater, a boardroom, a coffee shop, and even a sailboat. There are 36 locations in total where users can conduct interviews, presentations, conferences, and informal meetings. The most spacious virtual room can accommodate up to 50 participants, while the smallest can accommodate two.

Participants can make use of audio through a VoIP, headset, and broadband connection so they can speak during a meeting. Participants can also share multiple screens and content.