TViXiE 1.3.3

Mathias Johanson (Freeware)

TViXiE is media player GUI builder developed by Mathias Johanson and released on October 2011. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. This program builds GUIs for media players that support some media products including TViX, Western Digital WD TV HD Player, Dune, Mede8er, and NMT. This program enables users to download movie and music information automatically. This program also allows users to search and download album and film covers. These covers and media information will then be used to build a graphical user interface for the media player enabling users to browse for media files with ease.

TViXiE gathers movie and music information from a variety of online sources including IMDB, NetFlix, Amazon, and Rotten Tomatoes. International sources include Swedish sites,, and; and German sites including and It features automatic media information detection. The program also enables users to edit or create movie or music information. This is made possible through a Plug-in framework that may be downloaded or written by the user. This program provides Fan Art support and comes with layout templates to assist users in their creations. It also comes integrated with a Template Editor with more than 100 effects. The Template Editor features WYSIWYG functionality. This program also features FTP support. It also comes with Proxy Server Support. The TViXiE user interface is Windows-based.