TVersity Media Server 2.5


Streaming of files from a personal computer to an UPnP device such as a Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 is made possible with TVersity Media Server. Even if these devices do not support most codecs, this software package makes it possible for the videos to be transcoded into a compatible format. Aside from its streaming and conversion capabilities, it also provides a Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG) that enables the user to make a line-up of channels of his own choosing. The media library can be personalized by tagging and utilizing the content discover wizard. In addition, it has a Content Guide that organizes a list of multimedia files to help the user acquire access links. These links can be shared to others through the Multimedia Social Networking feature.  

TVersity Media Server offers a short response time when browsing for a desired file on the media library. It supports keyword searching and advanced search expressions when files are being saved to a customized playlist. Multiple devices are supported so that all the files can be simultaneously streamed. Users can also pause live internet feeds.

TVersity Media Server is built from open source components. However, it is not considered as such and is sold by TVersity, Inc.