Tv Wave


Furbie is a player used in live streaming that can play numerous radio and television stations which formats include Tvu, Wmp, Vlc, Flash, and Sopcast. The program gives users access to thousands of live digital channels from around the world. The program makes use of a television player software mechanism to provide Internet TV to users. All channels and stations are streamed in real-time. Internet connection is needed to be able to use the program.

Worldwide channels are organized in categories which include news, music, sports, shopping, and movies, just to name a few. Users can listen to their favorite and other radio stations, and watch their favorite shows as long as they have a computer and Web connection. After the program is installed it only takes a few seconds to watch or listen to a desired television or radio station. All additional software that is needed to run the program is already automatically installed. The program provides a list of all channels that is contained within it. Sorting the list is done by specifying the plug-in that is used, or a specific channel’s name, country, number, or genre. A list of favorite channels can also be made. Program options that can be customized include single click plug-in installation, multiple skins, remote option, and genders, among others.  A TV tuner can also be used in conjunction with the program. Other hardware and add-ons are not needed for the program to operate.