Tv (Freeware)

TV is a video streaming program developed by TVexe and released on January 2014. The program enables users to watch various television programs, both local and international, from all over the world, on their personal computers. No need to subscribe to cable or satellite television, users will be able to access and watch their favorite channels.  There are more than 1600 channels available to choose from. Television channels range from music, news, sports, educational, and even shopping channels. Programs come in different languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, and 70 more. TV reception will not be a problem as long as the Internet connection is via DSL, LAN, or Cable.  

TV supports two streaming options –Flash and Windows Media. The program will automatically choose the appropriate streaming option depending on the chosen channel. When switching from one channel to another, TV will also switch between streaming options without manual manipulation. The program likewise offers more than 1000 radio stations both local and international. It also features games.

TV features a grey window user interface. The task bar is located at the top while function panels are shown at the left. The biggest buttons are Find TV Stations and Browse TV. The Viewing window occupies the remainder of the interface.  The Play button and Volume slider tool is located at the bottom.