Herac (Freeware)

TuxGuitar is a score writer and tablature editor program developed by Julian Gabriel Casadesus. It is used for composing music, editing multi-track tablature and playing files. It offers basic features including score editing, tablature editing and triplet support. The program can also be used for importing and exporting Guitar Pro gp3 to gp5 files as well as ASCII and MIDI. Aside from this, the program also works as a MIDI editor with the help of staff interface. The program is written in Java programming language. Other main features offered by this application include multi-track display, note duration management, autoscroll while playing, tempo management and time signature management.

TuxGuitar provides three default skins including Blue Serious, Erplus and Lavender. It also supports custom skins. The program also support different effects including dead notes, accentuated notes (heavy or regular), dynamics, harmonics (only artificial, natural, pinched, tapped or semi harmonic), grace notes (limited), hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, and tremolo picking. The program also features track effects. It supports multiple tracks, which can be displayed on the Multitrack option of the application. Multiple voices are also supported as well as repeats. The program can also display lyrics as well chords, texts and symbols. However, symbols are limited to clefs, time signatures and key signatures. The program also has Alter Endings as well as custom number of track’s strings.