Tux Typing (Full Screen)

Tux4Kids (Freeware)

Tux Typing (Full Screen) is a program especially designed to help children learn how to type. This utility makes a possibly difficult task fun and entertaining. Tux Typing presents words falling from the sky and the exercise is to type them before they disappear. The objective is t keep the words from falling to the ground and ending in Tux’s belly. The level of difficulty presented increase from typing letters of the alphabet to encoding whole words. The speed by which the words fall also increases to very fast rates that in the most difficult level, even seasoned typists are facing a huge challenge.

This program comes with a practice typing mode that improves the skill of the user in terms of touch typing. Tux Typing (Full Screen) offers a few options to users particularly in choosing different levels. Beginners can start out as Space Cadets and move on to being Commanders. This is also a program that is available in many different languages.

Tux Typing (Full Screen) features a variety of high-resolution backgrounds as well as sound and visual effects (cartoon style) and music that makes the task very interesting indeed for aspiring typists. Designed in the form of a tutorial game for children, it promotes typing skill in the least boring way possible.