Brownstone (Proprietary)

Tutor is an education software developed by Brownstone. It is a teaching software designed for students and learners. The program condenses thousands of questions on varied subjects and topics and made available to users. The program can generate quizzes according to the preferences of the student in terms of topic or learning objective. The questions are culled from several books from which users can select specific chapters to collect questions from. Students can create tests tailored according to several criteria including difficulty, topic, and chapter. The program also features predefined tests that the students can choose from.

Tutor features custom tests that can be tailored according to the specific needs of the student. Tests can be of several types including:  True or False, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answer. The program also features the capability to create timed tests. When taking the test, students can skip questions or mark questions. These questions can be resumed before finishing the test. For timed tests, users can set the timer to be displayed while taking the test. This enables students to budget his time to answer all the questions within the time provided.  The program features a special algorithm ensuring that multiple choice answers are supplied differently every time the question is asked. This ensures that test questions are fresh in the eyes of the user.