Turtle's English-Hindi Dictionary

Turtle Interactive (Freeware)

Turtle's English-Hindi Dictionary is a good tool for personal and professional use. Avid learners of Hindi can make use of its many features. Now that the benefits of becoming bilingual and multilingual have reached the awareness of students and professionals worldwide, Turtle's English-Hindi Dictionary is one the best digital resources available today.

This program has more than 20,000 listed English vocabulary words with their corresponding meanings in Hindi. English speakers who what to become fluent in the national language of India will find the following features quite useful:

• Quick word search with high search speeds
• One-click Hindi meanings of English words
• Full text search capability (English terms)
• User-friendly interface
• Compact size that does not use up too much hard disk space

Turtle's English-Hindi Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary that provides not just one but multiple meanings in Hindi for all the words listed. The meanings provided are concise and to the point, making it ideal for immersion activities and daily use. The descriptions are brief and designed to facilitate understanding rather than confusion. This program also provides learners the correct spelling of Hindi words. The impressive database covers most common words in usage making it relevant for both beginners and advanced learners of the Hindi language.