Turtle Bay

Snowstep Development (Proprietary)

Turtle Bay is an arcade video game developed and released by Snowstep Development in 2011. The game features action, role-playing, and puzzle elements. In Turtle Bay, the player controls a turtle in its quest to free a bay, which used to be its home. The character is equipped with a turbo boost and a water cannon strapped to its shell, which it uses to fight the octopuses that invaded its home. The player controls the character by either using the mouse, keyboard, or joystick. Turtle Bay’s role-playing elements allow players to pick up and use items that can support the player or be used to attack enemies.

Turtle Bay features 80 levels that increase in difficulty once a player clears a level. The game also has 15 bonus levels and 5 unlockable secret levels. Players get to encounter more difficult enemies and traps such as sea mines as they progress through the game. Turtle Game also features 3 climate zones that contain different types of enemies and obstacles. These include the Caribbean that contains boxing crabs, the Amazon with poisonous snakes, and the Arctic with mine-discharging submarines. Turtle Bay has functions that allow players to create their own game profile, which lists their game statistics. In addition, the game provides an overall score board that provides player rankings.