Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Big Fish Games’ Turtix is an adventure game that features an adventurous turtle in his quest to rescue his friends and collect amulet pieces. The game revolves around Turtix’s adventures. He is a turtle who, absent his teacher’s supervision, tried to cast a magic spell gone awry. The powerful spell shattered a magical amulet that was supposedly maintaining the world’s peace and harmony. To rectify his mistake, Turtix goes on a quest to recover the amulet pieces and save his friends on the way.

Big Fish Games’ Turtix features a 2D environment where Turtix, the turtle, moves on a linear path. He can jump and walk through the game environment. To escape enemy turtles, Turtix can go to an elevated place or jump above the enemy. To gain points, Turtix has to jump to acquire suspended gems scattered all over the game environment. To control Turtix, users can use the arrow keys and the spacebar. The Left and Right arrow keys control his direction in the game, while the Up arrow key makes Turtix jump. The Spacebar lets Turtix interact with game elements.

Big Fish Games’ Turtix features two story modes—Story mode and Arcade Mode. It also features 3 game difficulties from Easy to Hard. Players get five lives by default every game start. This game also enables players to customize their player name for score recording.