Touchstone (Shareware)

Turok is an action FPS video game developed by Propaganda Games and published by Touchstone Games. It is the first installment of the Turok game series and was first released on April 22, 2008 for PC in North America. In this game, the player assumes the role of Corporal Turok. The game follows the story of a three-way war between the M-G soldiers, Whiskey Company, and dinosaurs. The game is based on the Turok comic series. However, this game is taken as a reboot of the comic series and is not related to the comic book’s previous editions.

Turok offers two game modes – single player and multiplayer modes. In the single player mode, the player follows the storyline where he is tasked to apprehend Turok’s previous mentor – General Kane. Throughout this mode, the player will encounter different creatures including dinosaurs and mutated creatures. As an FPS game, the gameplay is similar to other FPS games with a focus on surviving amidst natural environments. The player’s main threat is human enemies. The dinosaurs serve as a neutral element in the game. The player may also use a dinosaur as a weapon against humans. The multiplayer mode can be played via LAN or Internet. Several game types are available for this game mode including Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Assault Capture the Flag, and Wargames. The multiplayer mode can be played to up to 16 players while four players are allowed for three co-op games.