Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Codemasters (Proprietary)

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a first-person shooter from Codemasters. It explores a parallel world with an alternative historical timeline based on the events preceding World War II. On the 13th of December, 1931, a taxi cab hit Winston Churchill in New York. In the real world, Churchill survived and rallied the forces of Allied Europe to band together and eventually defeat the Axis Powers. His inspirational speeches and influential presence helped fuel the war in Europe. But what if Churchill had died that day? Where then would the wheels of fate lead the war?

Without the inspiration and influence of Winston Churchill, the Axis Powers threaten to overthrow the entire world. They have begun invading the mainland United States of America. Players take control of a New Yorker named Dan Carson. Formerly a construction worker, the war has turned him into a freedom fighter in his homeland where the Nazis have begun their invasion. Players must survive the initial invasion, regroup with other American resistance forces and fight to restore their homeland. Through the lens of this parallel world, players are shown various, instantly recognizable landmarks, pictured startlingly different as Hitler’s Third Reich marches around them. It is then Dan Carson’s duty to aid his country in the time of need. The time of the Fall of Liberty.