TurboV EVO

ASUSTeK (Proprietary)

TurboV EVO is an overclocking utility developed for ASUS machines by ASUSTek. The program enables users to overclock and boost their system performance. Overclocking can be a dangerous function and few try to do it. Overclocking is performed by subjecting the system in a set of stressful situations to test its limits. The program will automatically tweak settings to mimic the stress. Amateur computer owners often fail to do it and in turn, their system’s performance suffer. However, through this program, even casual owners can overclock their ASUS systems.

TurboV EVO features two modes—manual mode and auto-tuning mode. For casual computer tinkerers, the auto-tuning mode is enough to overclock the system. However, for more experienced computer owners, the manual mode provides more freedom when overclocking and boosting the system. Autotuning mode features five steps—Over Voltage, Overclocking, Tuning Process, Restart, and O.C. Pretest. On the other hand, manual mode enables users to manually tweak the different parameters including CPU voltage, DDR voltage, and BCLK frequency.

TurboV EVO features a green and blue metallic graphical user interface. Two tabs line the top of the window corresponding to Manual Mode and Auto Tuning. The right panel shows the real time CPU frequency and Usage rates. In Manual Mode, users can tweak CPU parameters, save the profile, and access Advanced Settings. Users may also access other functions of the program through buttons at the bottom corresponding to Tool, Monitor, and Settings.