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TurboTax is a tax preparation application. There are several versions of the program for specific tax return preparations. TurboTax programs can be used by individuals, as well as small business owners. The application also guides users through a step-by-step process on how to manage their taxes and file them on time. Users can also get 100% accurate calculations on penalties or interests with the TurboTax calculator.

One of the features of TurboTax is a free live tax advice from a tax expert. This service is available on the program’s website. Tax experts can answer simple to complex questions regarding filing of taxes, getting interests, calculations, and many more. The free tax advice service is available all year round. New versions of TurboTax programs are released as soon as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has completed reviewing updates and changes made on forms. This is to ensure that all the documents and forms are up to date and ready for filing for the incoming year.

TurboTax is capable of getting tax information for the user. It gathers information for 100,000 companies and financial institutions so that filling up forms can be easier. Before filing, TurboTax double checks tax returns for errors. This makes sure that all of the information supplied is accurate.

Other features of TurboTax include:
• Audit support
• Safe and secure  with password protect and firewall-protected server
• Online support