TurboNote 7.0

SPIS Ltd, New Zealand (Freeware)

TurboNotes is a virtual sticky notes program that can be used for keeping short notes, reminders, to-do lists, and other important information. The appearance of the notes can be fully customized according to the user’s preferences. Notes can also be password protected to prevent other users from accessing sensitive information. Here are the other features of the TurboNotes program:

• Schedule and Alarm – The program has scheduling and alarm functions for reminding users of important schedules, meetings, birthdays, and other events.
• Regular Reminders – Users can create regular reminders for tasks that are done on a daily basis.
• Invisible Notes – Notes can be completely hidden from view, so that other users are not able to see the contents of the note. This feature is useful for keeping passwords or credit card details.
• Note Manager – TurboNotes has an integrated Note Manager that allows users to filter notes and reminders created with the program.
• Drag and Drop Support – Elements can be dragged and dropped to a note. This includes selected text, URLs from web browsers, and file locations.

All notes saved on the computer can be transferred to a different computer using the backup feature of the program. Backups can be kept for a maximum of 999 days before they are deleted.