TurboLaunch 5.1.4

Savard Software (Shareware)

TurboLaunch is a toolbar that allows users to sort programs and launch them easily on the computer. The toolbar is divided into different tabs to categorize the applications. The tabs are Main, Internet, Media, Development, Projects, and Games. Programs can be distinguished by their icons. There are default icons for each program, but users are free to change the icons according to their needs. Programs can be added to the TurboLaunch toolbar by dragging and dropping. Additionally, the application allows users to configure the buttons manually and specify the command, working folder, and the style of the window for the application when launched.

The buttons on TurboLaunch can also be set to perform different actions, such as shut down the computer, launch the screen saver, install a program, and restart the system. Users can also set hotkeys for each icon. Also, buttons on the program can be configured to connect to a network (VPN connection or the Internet).

The TurboLaunch program’s interface is fully customizable. The rows and columns for the icons can be adjusted and the shortcuts can be grouped together. The toolbar can be locked on top of other windows so that users always have access to the commands.