Ansys, Inc. (Proprietary)

TurboGrid is a mesh creation software developed especially for turbomachinery analysts and designers. This program is especially useful for development of bladed geometries. It enables users to create high-quality hexahedral meshes. This enables users to perform fluid dynamics analysis in machineries, particularly bladed rotating machineries. Some machinery that may be created using this program includes mixed flow pump meshes and axial inducer meshes.

TurboGrid works with blade design software, including the BladeModeler, ANSYS own blade design software. This program imports geometry definitions from such software and customized on TurboGrid’s graphical user interface. The specifics of a particular design are adjusted to conform to selected topologies. The program ensures that an optical mesh design is created with minimum human intervention. This program also enables the user to apply the same topology to design variants for mesh consistency. This self-consistency functionality ensures that there are minimum discrepancies between designs in performance predictions. This also minimizes mesh dependency during performance predictions. TurboGrid also features support for batch mode processing and operation. This also enables users to increase productivity in blade geometries optimization.

TurboGrid also features support to ANSYS Workbench platform. This enables users to setup a whole turbomachinery process analyses. This includes geometry design, meshing, and application and enables users to automate the process of turbomachinery analysis.