Turbo Subs

iPlay Games (Shareware)

Turbo Subs is a restaurant-themed time management game developed by the company, iPlay Games. It is similar to the game Turbo Pizza, but in this game, the two main characters, Rebecca and Robert serve three types of submarine sandwiches at high speeds. The player assumes the role of Rebecca, who serves the sandwiches made by Robert. There are other food and drink varieties sold in the restaurant, some of which are unlocked as the game progresses. The player’s goal is to earn a specified amount of money set for each level. The level gets more difficult with the addition of new items and the variety of customers that are introduced – some have less patience than others do.

The player can earn extra money through tips from satisfied customers as well as quick combos. There is a star meter that fills up when two or more customers are served successively. When the star meter is full, the game enters turbo mode; this means that everything in the restaurant runs faster. As a result, Rebecca is able to serve more customers and earn more money. Turbo Subs also features short hidden object games, which the player can try at any time during the game.