Turbo Squid Tentacles

Turbo Squid (Freeware)

Turbo Squid Tentacles is a program that enables users to integrate their Turbo Squid online content library into their 3D applications. Turbo Squid is a digital media supply company that sells stock and custom 3D models used in 3D graphics. This software company sells 3D models to various industries such as computer gaming, architecture, and interactive training. Turbo Squid Tentacles allows users to view, purchase, and download Turbo Squid products in their PC. Turbo Squid Tentacles has features that allow users to access Turbo Squid’s 3D Content library and then drag-and-drop these contents into their work space. Users are also provided with gigabytes of free file storage that enables them to manage collaborative workspaces and centralize their communication with freelance designers around the globe. This program also has an interactive search and shopping feature, which allow users to view and compare product details and statistics. In addition, Turbo Squid Tentacles provides a free file archive that allows users to save their work in a secure, online location that is accessible within their 3D application.

Turbo Squid Tentacles features a simple interface that is divided into three parts. The first part is the search function that allows users to search for Turbo Squid products using keywords. This section also has features that allow users to search products according to file format, publisher, or show all products. Users can also view the product rating in this section. The next part is the Shopping cart section where users can put products that they would want to purchase. Users can drag-and-drop the products to be purchased from the main display window to the shopping card section. This section also contains commands such as “Compare”, “Check Out”, and “Save for Later”. The last part is the main display window, which shows a list of products and its respective product details and description. This section also displays photos of the application interface or sample projects created using the product.