Turbo Lister 2

eBay Inc. (Freeware)

Turbo Lister is a listing utility program developed by eBay Inc. The program is used for creating, editing, and uploading listings on eBay. The program also offers Bulk Capabilities, which allows users to work on multiple listings at once. Creating, editing, and putting information on the list items while offline is also possible. The changes made on the listings will be automatically modified once online. The program can also be used for changing the formats or adding specifications of several items simultaneously through its built-in Design Editor. Copying and duplicating current listings to create new items in the inventory is also possible.

Turbo Lister features a Design Editor that is used to format the text on the listing and modify the changes straight to the main grid. Users may also sell relisted or similar items straight from Turbo Lister. Customization Tools are also available including search and replace tool for editing items. Deleting fields from the listing form can also be done. A Listing Activity window is also available for controlling the listings. This feature is also used for previewing the listings before it even goes live. There are also available HTML Templates that allows users to customize the appearance of the listings by choosing from the available predesigned layouts and templates. Scheduling the entire listings to make it live online automatically is possible as well.