Turbo Fiesta 1.0

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Turbo Fiesta is a casual game wherein the player’s main task is to manage a restaurant. In this game, the main characters, Rebecca and Robert, wish to once again open a restaurant and serve people. The player’s main goal is to make the hungry customers of the space restaurant happy, and ultimately grow the business and earn tidy profits along the way.

The player of Turbo Fiesta must find a way to address the tasks that happen simultaneously during every level. The tasks must be accomplished before the customers grow frustrated and leave the restaurant. While the management of the restaurant happens, there is the presence of spies that try to stop the restaurant’s operation. The circular counter is where most of the tasks happen. Customers arrive one by one at the stations where they order their meals. The player can find out what they like through the thought bubbles that appear on top of their heads. The player now has to make the customers happy by serving their orders quickly and correctly. The customers become happy when their meals arrive on time. The game also has daily financial targets. Failing to reach the money target repeats the level. Over time, the meal requests get faster.