Turbo Boost

Intel (Freeware)

Intel Turbo Boost is a program developed for Intel processor users in 2008. Turbo Boost improves a computer processor’s performance by overriding its clock speed, making it perform above its normal operating frequency. A processor, also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is an electronic circuit that runs computer programs. Clock speed or “Clockrate” refers to the frequency on which a processor is running. It is designated by the unit Hertz.

Normally, a computer processor of a desktop or laptop computer runs at a standard clock speed, which determines how fast it performs. Turbo Boost works by analyzing the highest performance state of the processor. Then it overdrives the computer processor to perform at a clock speed near to the highest performance state. The “highest performance state” is the speed on which a computer processor may exceed its normal clock speed. There are various factors that could limit the processor's highest performance state. These include the:

• Number of active cores (more active cores means higher performance)
• Power or battery limit – higher clock speed consumes more energy, so the program will set a desirable clock speed so that a user’s laptop battery will conserve its charge.
• Current limit
• Thermal or temperature limit

Turbo Boost is dynamic and standalone, meaning that the user only needs to install it and activate the program for it to work. The program would automatically make the necessary changes to the user’s computer.