Bitvise (Freeware)

Tunnelier is an SSH client program developed by Bitvise. The program was renamed into Bitvise SSH client in 2012. An SSH client program is used for connecting to SSH remote connections. This application supports Windows platforms beginning from Windows 2000 up to the latest Windows OS. Tunnelier offers support for TCP/IP tunneling. It can also perform FTP and SFTP translations via FTP-to-SFTP Bridge. This enables FTP client programs to connect to any SFTP server securely. Aside from this, the application also includes graphical SFTP file transfer clients, which provides transfer list management, automatic resuming, recursive subdirectory transfers, automatic resuming, and more.

Terminal Access to SSH Server Console – Tunnelier incorporates a terminal access directly to SSH server’s console. This is done through either xterm/VT-100 protocols or bvterm protocol. This feature also offers Unicode support when using bvterm and UTF support when using xterm and VT-100 protocols. A command-line client called the stermc is also incorporated in this program. The program is also used as a port-forwarding client with several features such as dynamic tunneling using integrated proxy, server side forwarding, system tray icon support, command-line support, and automatic reconnection. The program’s port forwarding function also offers settings that can be loaded from or saved to a profile. The program can also be customized based on user’s preference. It provides several command-line parameters to do this.