Tuning Car Studio SK


Tuning Car Studio SK is a program designed for customizing the body work of vehicles, particularly cars. This enables users or car owners to modify and design their automobiles. It also lets them check or preview the customized design before finalizing any changes. This application can be used to create different sorts of decorative elements for vehicles. There are many built-in clip art and object designs included with the application for those who would like to add design elements to or create a new design for their autos.

This graphic application works just like other image editing tools. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that features buttons or options that can be selected to create a car design. It also has built-in templates to choose from. The editing tool includes basic options, such as color, shape, and size. In addition, Tuning Car Studio SK is made with advanced tools for creating and editing designs. With this feature, users can choose different paint colors with the use of the aerographs integrated in the program. Users can also change the wheel rims if preferred. One more thing is that they can add spoilers or diffusers. All they have to do is to start uploading an image of the car they want to redesign and begin making changes.