TuneXP 1.5 Final

Driver Heaven (Freeware)

TuneXP is an application used for optimizing Windows XP computers. The program has a number of utilities, all designed to tweak and optimize the performance of the computer. To use the program, the user is first guided to the installation process before proceeding into the application's main interface. There is a series of menus where the utilities can be found. Some of the optimization functions are already turned on after installation. These functions, like smart file allocation and faster shutdown, can still be turned off by the user on the preference tab.

One of the menus concerns the computer’s memory. Here, the user can make the computer start up faster through the "ultra fast booting" function. TuneXP also allows the user to specify which programs and functions must be prioritized by the system's working memory. Some of the chipsets can also be speeded up. For faster Internet browsing, the program has the option to reset the computer's IP address, as well as increase the browser's DNS cache. In the program's service section, the user can disable and enable some display settings, like themes and screensavers. There are also links in the miscellaneous tab where the computer's operating system can be updated.