TuneUp360 7.0 (Shareware)

TuneUp360 is an application that optimizes the computer’s system. It has a simple interface and does not need to be configured, making it easy to use for novice computer users. It runs a scan of the system to check for errors and then automatically fixes the errors to make the computer run faster. Some of the system components that it checks are the memory modules, CPU, sound and video card, disk drives, memory, bandwidth, and drivers. Other tools included in the application are:

• Privacy Protector – This tool erases personal information in the hard drive to keep the user secure.
• Shortcut Cleaner – The program checks for invalid shortcuts in the computer and removes them to make space.
• Network Optimizer – This tool optimizes the computer’s settings in order to get the best network speed.
• Application Manager – The Application Manager enables users to check all the programs that are installed in the system and remove the ones that are not needed.
• Startup Manager – This tool displays a list of all the programs that run during system start up. Users can disable some of the programs that are not needed to make the computer boot up faster.

TuneUp360 has a simple user interface that is divided into four sections – PC Information, PC Performance, PC Stability, and PC Security.