TuneUp Utilities 14.0.1000.145

TuneUp Software (Freeware)

TuneUp Utilities is utility software that was initially released in 1997. It is developed to help configure, maintain, manage, optimize, and troubleshoot computer systems.

TuneUp Utilities optimizes your PC’s performance level. It has a TuneUp Economy Mode that prolongs the battery life of your laptop, netbook, or tablet. It also reduces power consumption for basic, daily use. It has a TuneUp Program Deactivator which lessens the slowing down caused by unnecessary programs without deactivating relevant applications, like antivirus software. This boosts your booting, gaming, surfing, or video editing experience.

When used in Turbo Mode, TuneUp Utilities unlocks and shuts down more than 70 hidden non-essential Windows applications to enable smoother work flow. Its TuneUp Live Optimization feature makes your computer’s programs start faster. It focuses on your PC’s power to obtain higher responsiveness of your active programs. Users can also disable annoying balloon tips and icons that pop during startup. This software eliminates settings that clog up your Windows system and accelerates its boot and shutdown.

Users can also defragment your hard disk using TuneUp Drive Defrag. TuneUp Utilities is helpful for organizing data clutter. Users can also uninstall unwanted programs and remove broken shortcuts. Restoring deleted files and deleting files safely may be done using this program as well. You can also customize the entire look and feel of your Windows by using TuneUp Utilities’ designs, logos, and screens.