TuneUp Companion 2.2.5 2.2.5

TuneUp Media, Inc. (Freeware)

TuneUp Companion 2.2.5 is a sophisticated digital management tool for the organization and clean-up of music collections as well as for correction of erroneous information. This utility is intended to serve as a companion for Windows Media Player and iTunes and fill in missing data packets such as album, and genre.

Users of this application will be pleasantly surprised with the complementary feature called Tuniverse that comes with the program package. This featue provides access to hard-to-obtain data about the most popular music artists of all time. This bonus feature is provided in top of the main function of this program which is to fill in the gaps in a collector’s music library.

TuneUp Companion 2.2.5 is designed to act as a powerful tool capable of fixing any mistakes and cleaning up any mess within a digital music library. This is a digital management took that can be used for the following specifically functions:
• Adds any missing album cover art to the collection
• Deletes duplicate music tracks
• Assists the user in locating songs from the collection quickly

This audio utility performs these functions in a fast and efficient manner. TuneUp Companion 2.2.5 by TuneUp Media, Inc. works by cross-referencing music track data with its huge server database.