Ramka Ltd. (Shareware)

TuneGet is a program that is developed to download music files online. Users may download audio tracks straight from their desktop without having to connect to the Internet. This download manager lets users search and download music tracks and even whole albums legally at no cost. It has its own database where users can browse for their favorite artists and songs, or check out the artists and tracks in other genres.

A key feature of the program is its ability to search for tracks that users do not know the title or the artist of. For example, a user may have heard a catchy tune streaming from a coffee shop, or remembered a phrase from a song’s chorus. The user can search for the elusive song and its artist by simply typing in any part of the lyrics they remember into TuneGet’s search tool. The program will then do an online search of all the songs in its database and filter the ones that have the phrase in its lyrics. The program will list these down for the user to listen to until the right song is found. The user can then choose to download the song into his or her computer.

The program offers a fast search and download time and an unlimited number of tracks for the users to download from its database.