Tunatic 1.0.1b

Wildbits (Freeware)

Tunatic is a program that identifies music. The application analyzes music and retrieves music information, such as the title of the song and the name of the artist. Tunatic works by using the computer’s sound card. The computer needs to have a microphone in order for the application to work. Also, the computer needs to be connected to the Internet. To use the application, play a music track on the computer’s media player. Click on the question mark icon on Tunatic and the program will search for the song information on its database. The results will show up in a few seconds.

Tunatic has a wide database of songs that is constantly being updated by developers. There may be some instances wherein the program will not be able to find the song information. After finding the song information, the program allows users to search for the file on iTunes to download it. Users can also search for a ringtone of the music file or the lyrics.

The program is capable of searching for song information on different genres except for classical music. It works by analyzing the melody and timbre of the song. If the computer has several input devices, users must set the proper sound input on the Settings and Preferences window.