Tumblebugs 2

Wildfire Studios Pty. Ltd. (Shareware)

Tumblebugs is a puzzle video game that was first released in 2005. The aim of the game is to save the bugs from rolling into the hole. In each level, there are different colored bugs that appear on the screen. To save them, the players must make matches of three or more of the same color. Players can shoot out bugs from Tumble, the hero in the game. Once the end of the chain of bugs reaches the hole, all the bugs fall in and the game is over. Players must clear all the bugs in each level in order to advance to the next level. There are several power-ups that can be acquired. These power ups can help the player save the bugs. The power ups appear randomly in between the chain of bugs. They can be acquired by creating a match.

Tumblebugs has two game modes – Story Mode and Time Trial Mode. In story mode, players go through four backyards in order to save the bugs. There are 12 levels in story mode. In Time Trial Mode, players can choose a level to play. The level gets harder as time passes and the game goes on as long as the user has not lost the game.