Tumble Bugs


Tumble Bugs is an action-packed entertainment product created by GameHouse. It is an E-rated game, which means that it can be played by anyone regardless of age. However, it can be helpful for kids for their color coordination practice. This particular game challenges the player to save the Tumblebugs from the attacks of the Black Bugs. The player assumes the role of Tumble, the main character of the game. The game’s main objective to set the colorful beetles free by matching similarly colored bugs. Grouping needs to be in sets of three or more. It will end when the player fails to prevent the Tumblebugs from falling into the Black Bug’s lair.  

There are many levels that have to be accomplished and each level has different complexities. To add to its excitement, the player will be given different abilities to accomplish the mission. Tumble can have the ability to shoot from varying angles or jump between many shooting platforms. It is featured not just with exciting challenges but with adorable characters and stunning graphics as well.  

Tumble Bugs has been tested by other programs and has been found virus-free. It has also passed all the Better Business Bureau accreditation and BBB online participation standards. It is in league with other popular action puzzle games such as Zuma, Super Collapse, and Pastry Passion.