TubeMaster++ 2.7

GgSofts (Open Source)

TubeMaster++ is a cross-platform multimedia capturing application developed and published by GgSofts. It is written in JAVA programming language and it works on both x32 and x64 systems. The program is used for capturing different types of online multimedia files. Captured multimedia can be stored straight in the computer’s hard drive. It can also be converted to other audio or video formats. Supported file formats include AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, PSP, and more. It also supports several websites including YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, LastFM, Google Videos, and others.

The program offers a secured capturing process. It does not make any connections to a distant server. Instead, it directly captures the selected data from the user’s network interface providing anonymity. The program’s interface is composed of three tabs – Media Capture, Video Search, and MP3 Search. The Media Capture section provides tools for converting and saving the chosen files. It also provides a button for disabling the media capture function. The Video and MP3 Search sections are used for finding the desired multimedia file. This section displays the name, channel, and length of the searched file.

TubeMaster++ also features several configuration options for customization purposes. Available options include the following:

• Enabling Media Capture Automatically When The Program Starts
• Deleting Captured Multimedia Right After Conversion
• Captured Timeout/Capture Minimal Size
• Default Media Output Folder
• Default Multimedia Players