Tube Increaser 5.0


Tube Increaser is an application designed to increase the views accumulated by a user’s channel on the popular video-sharing website YouTube. The increase in views for a video adds to the popularity of a channel, and the potential of a marketer’s brand – and its products and/or services - to achieve higher traffic, which can increase conversion rates or simply make that brand well-known. Tube Increaser was one of the pioneering applications that could do this – improve the success rates of video marketing campaigns that utilize YouTube as a significant contributor to its overall strategies.

While the older versions of Tube Increaser used a proxy-based system, which runs the risk of the channel hitting a ceiling in terms of views because of the YouTube algorithms that freeze view counters once proxies are detected, the most recent versions instead provide the user with a larger actual audience by sending the user’s videos to real viewers. To use the program, the channel owner has to install it, and enter the pertinent details in the login area. The user then has to gather YouTube IDs and save these IDs as contacts. Opening the messenger tab, loading the accounts, and attaching videos will initiate the app bot’s sending process.