TsiLang Components Suite 6.5.5

SiComponents (Shareware)

TsiLang Components Suite lets users translate a program’s language into another language. It has access to the GPTD (Global Public Translation Database) which can allow users to translate a program’s language into any language they want. This is particularly useful to programmers who are trying to distribute their software across countries in multiple languages.

Tsilang Components Suite can do two types of localization, Internal and External. Internal localization is done to minimize the installation file’s size of the software. External is done for additional localizations. The software works first by dropping the component into the form then translating from the user interface. The default language can soon be changed immediately.

Other features of the software are the following:

• No need for external files to create a program with multiple languages – The user can have many languages in the program as he wants.
• The user has total control over the language-changing – Changing the language of the Tsilang Dispatcher will change the language of the entire application – on the fly.
• Standard dialogs (menu, open, save, select) have multi-language support. – Dialogs that are independent from the Windows language version can be displayed.
• Support for IntraWeb programs and applications – Projects that are just organization-wide are supported.