DVB Portal (Freeware)

TS Converter from DVB Portal is free software that specializes in converting broadcast-quality MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) video files into file formats which can be played in other devices. TS video footages are usually only specific to high-end camcorders used by TV stations or movie production companies.

While they have the best quality, TS video files cannot be watched on most DVD video players. Android phones, BlackBerry, and Apple’s iOS products cannot play them too. Even software media player programs like GOM and VLC have trouble correctly playing TS files.

TS Converter offers an easy solution to this problem. People can download and install this program and they can then convert TS files into more universal gadget-friendly formats. It can convert Transport Stream (TS) videos to DVR-MS which is a Windows Native video format. The original video and audio quality is preserved. Even full 1080p HD TS files with Dolby 5.1 audio can be converted with full resolution intact.

After launching this program, load any .TS video file and just click the “Start Conversion” option. Other TS variants like .TP, .MPG, and .DVR-MS can be loaded and converted too. For .TS and .TP video formats, there’s an option to encode mark-in and mark-out points for trimming clips before conversion. Furthermore, the conversion process doesn’t take long even for lengthy video footages.

Other notable features of TS Converter are the following:
• Compatible with PAL, NTSC, AVC, ATSC, HDTV AND H.264 video streams
• Compatible with anamorphic (cinematic widescreen used in Hollywood movies) streams
• Drag & Drop loading of video files for conversion
• Threaded and automatic indexing
• Can work with demuxed and muxed files